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Take anything you like. Further problems soon arose. Recently, Israel and Iran have very few things in common, but Esperanto is one of them. Don't ever tell me I'm not a team player. I wanted to marry Heinrich. What type of TV news you watch? You should not judge a person by his clothes.

I'm crazy about football. Marty was gasping for air. The meat is cooked. Have you guys been up all night? Cosby's argument concerns the reliability of the Hette Manuscript. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. My colleagues welcomed me very warmly. I thought you wouldn't be busy. I always read detective stories from cover to cover; they're so exciting!

Can I tell Kees? Items with a red price tag are on sale.

I am thankful for veterans. She walked as far as Shinjuku. Let's go to the beach. I got time off from work for the next 6 days. I knew I'd find you with him.

I dropped Ssi off at his friend's house. I have to take my medicine every six hours. I never dreamed you'd get here so quickly. I thought Charlie would ask Jesse to go with him to Boston. Hunter will be having dinner with Clyde.

I'm miserable. For how many hours can you sit in front of the computer? Are you enjoying the city? Oscar didn't want to give the wrong impression.

Ssi isn't delusional. It's simpler and more reliable.

How did you get Celia to do that for you? Of course. The apples come from a good farm not far from here, and the fruit is delicious this time of the year. In U.S. bakeries, a "baker's dozen" is 13, not 12. They don't listen to me. Stop the childish cutesy act. Read "Gone With The Wind". Half of you are idiots.

I certainly don't subscribe to the view that women are necessarily more moral than men. I think we've found the problem. It's expensive to rent an office in downtown Boston. Elric watched nervously. While he was walking down the street, he fell. I don't need protection. We talked late into the night. You are blinded by love.

How're you holding up? I'm the last one who talked to Himawan. Roger Miller's "Dang Me" was a hit with country music fans and with popular music fans too. It sold millions of copies.

Is that book for me? Noam told me that he would like me to come over tomorrow afternoon. Timothy ran as fast as a leopard. Eating a good breakfast is very wise.

Doug has loved Tal for a long time. He seldom stays home on Sundays. Even though he was tired, he worked. Who was Greta Garbo? I've been trying to cheer Ofer up. Despite that I succeeded.

I just want it to stop. Why didn't somebody stop me? "Have the children arrived yet?" "No, none has come yet." The sumptuous residence of a government official was pillaged. Randell is our only hope. I guess it's all over. This is more like a liquid than a facial cream. That makes it easy to use. I won't take up any more of your time. Doyle doesn't like punk rock. Every student passed the driving test.

Rajiv seems to have been working on this for a long time. That's why I quit. Tollefsen was hit by lightning. You can rent a boat by the hour. Theodore will be here in half an hour. I got surprised. Dave has been searching for Rajiv for years.